Posted: April 1, 2017 in Foreign Horror


So, for some reason, I was really intrigued by the trailer and was feeling really in the mood for what I thought would be a bit of a headfuck. Turns out, this movie was mostly a let down.  Although the story was original and there were a couple disturbing parts, I really felt like the movie was just too slow-moving and didn’t have enough action to it. Literally all the good parts (violence, plot twist, blood) came towards the end of the movie and the movie just took too long to build. Also, I found that I thought the characters weren’t really interesting enough. The movie attempted to create some unique characters, but overall I didn’t really feel like their presence really added to the movie.  I will say one thing though, the mother’s demeanor and just the actress they chose was perfect for the film and really added a good creepy element there. There is a tiny bit of brutality that made the movie at least a little bit worth watching. Overall I would give this movie 3/5 stars because it wasn’t complete shit, but it’s still not something I would really recommend.  However, if you don’t mind films that build slowly, then this would be for you.


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