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Three Extremes is a compilation film of 3 shorts by 3 masters of horror, Fruit Chan, Takashi Miike, and Chan-wook Park.  I’m not sure whats going on between me and my connection to the film, but its definitely not there.  I decided to give this film 2.5 out of 5 stars because I simply could not stay interested.  There could be many contributing factors to my rating; maybe I didn’t pay enough attention, maybe I wasn’t in the “scary movie watching” mood, maybe I’m on overload with the scary movies, maybe I’m sick and tired of reading subtitles cuz damn American movies don’t excite me at all.  No matter what “excuse” I come up with, there’s really no way for me to justify my 2.5 rating other than the movie just wasn’t interesting enough.  I expected that at least one of these shorts would be scary and having me jump out of my seat.  Instead I found that the shorts were strange and disturbing (which I love obviously) but didn’t have enough umph to it to make me feel passionate about writing about it and recommending it to others.

The thing I like about Asian films is that they tend to be more risque and mind-blowing than movies I have seen from other countries.  The acting in this film was good, the plots were good, and the gore was spot on.  The shorts were creepy in all the right spots and the visuals were very striking.  Even though I would consider this film good and recommend it to lovers of Asian film, my issue with the movie was that I didn’t feel a connection to it.  I’ve only seen one compilation film before and I loved it.  This film though, I didn’t feel like I had enough time with the characters or the stories to make a connection and have it make a permanent mark on my brain.  I honestly think if the shorts would have been made into full-length movies I would have liked them more.  There was not enough action and suspense in the shorts to make them exciting and truly great.

If you are into Asian horror, I would say watch this movie.  Otherwise, I would say skip it.  There are way better shorts out there that get the job done in its 30 minutes or less running time.