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At this moment in time, I’m not sure what’s making me more excited; the fact that I know that I am going to re-watch The Canal once I’m done writing this review or imparting my wisdom of this newly found gem of a horror for you to discover.  The Canal has definitely got to be one of the best horrors I’ve seen this year, and totally unexpected as well.  David is a man who, unbeknownst to him, is descending into madness as he discovers his wife is having an affair.  His wife disappears and he immediately begins suspecting his own house of possessing powers strong enough to take her away from him and his son.  When he is found not to be a suspect during the police investigation, things take a turn for the scary, weird, and disturbing.  Can I just say, this is the first time I have found myself feeling scared while watching a film in years?  This film will genuinely scare the shit out of you.  On top of that, its so cleverly put together and such a mind fuck that I just loved it and can’t recommend it enough.  There wasn’t much gore and there was nothing perversely disturbing about the film, but I just loved how unique and actually scary it was.  I had to give this one 4.5/ 5 stars.  I would give this one 5/5 stars, but there was just nothing too fucked up or over the top about it. Any film that I’ve given 5 stars to is usually some necrophilia gore splattering blood fuckfest, to put it lightly; but this film was so tame with how controversial it was that I would actually say there was nothing controversial about it. 5-star films always have that controversial factor to it, but this one just lacked it.  However, I would say the ending was a total disturbing mindfuck.  I think regardless of your taste in horror, everyone needs to check out this film. From the second you tune in, the movie just keeps getting better and better, which I find doesn’t happen in films much these days. Sometimes the plot loses you, sometimes you wish you could skip through a part; but in this movie, I wanted to watch every single second of it, even when I had my hands over my eyes because I was so scared.  I’m telling you, this movie is just amazing.  I hope you guys find this movie as awesome and highly rated as I did, please let me know your opinions in the comments!

Hey Gorror fans!! Check out this interview I scored with director Mark Dossett. I stumbled upon the trailer for this film online and BLOODY KITCHEN cropped-1liked it so much that I reached out to Mark to find out more information on the film.  I was surprised to find how friendly he was and willing to answer my questions.  Everything in this interview is the exact correspondence between me and Mark and nothing has been altered.  Before you tune into this interview, I want to tell you why I’m so excited to see this movie!!!! I’ve noticed that in the horror genre there are psychological horrors, which deal with main characters that have severe mental disorders, and then there’s your typical home invasion horror.  This film combines both types of horror and leaves the viewer wondering what’s scarier, what’s inside your head or what’s outside your head? I love this concept because its fresh and original and the trailer leaves a lot of unanswered questions.  Please check out his website to learn even more about the film here:

What inspired you to direct this film?

I simply want to make a movie I would want to see. You could also say NETFLIX streaming helped as well. I got to the point

where I was scrolling thru the instant choices and saying…I want to see another WHEN A STRANGER CALLS or THE SHINING or HALLOWEEN. So I decided to make my own…one that I would want to watch ….over and over.

If you could compare this to other films that already exist, what movies would you say your production is similar to?  

Direct influences in no particular order would be THE SHINING,HALLOWEEN,WHEN A STRANGER CALLS,SCREAM and more recently THE STRANGERS and HOUSE OF THE DEVIL. All these films have a one thing in common besides a great story line. You actually give a shit if someone dies or not! Once you (the audience) become attached to a character, you now have a “good movie” on your hands. That’s when you start screaming…”Run…Go in there…..Shut the door!” Your on the edge of the couch cushion screaming “Oh shit!”

Can you briefly describe the premise of the film to inform both me and my viewers what its about?

Like HOUSE OF THE DEVIL it’s an 80’s throwback film. By the way…Ebay has been a gold mine for props from that era!  So it’s…set in 1988 long before cell phones and the internet were common household items.  Laurie Ann Cullom who suffers from agoraphobia* after being brutally attacked in a mall parking lot is now housebound.  Her fear of the outside world is nothing compared to what she soon finds inside her own home.

*** AGORAPHOBIA is the fear of open or public spaces with no means of escape.Can cause server panic attacks.****

How is this film different than other horror films that are out there?

Well……. it’s NOT a found footage, zombie or paranormal sequel for starters.  I’m not opening this film with a brutal rape scene or random bit character getting hacked up.  That’s lazy writing in my opinion. A cheap way to add minutes to the run time as well as say..this is a horror film. The audience knows that….they paid to see it.  This film has a solid story built around characters you want to know! The opening scene of the film which has a delivery boy “JAKE” bringing Laurie her grocery’s is a prime example.

Jake is on the screen for 5 minutes and he has you laughing! Everyone will identify with him because they are or know someone just like him. That’s how you bring a character to life…simply imitate it! Jake is basically me when I was his age.

There is nothing wrong with making people laugh in a horror movie. THE SHINING which is regraded by many as one of the creepiest movies of all time has some funny moments in it. Jack busting in the bathroom door saying “HONEY I’M HOME” and “HERE’S JOHNNY”…classic!!

The other aspect of why this will be different is I am putting things on screen you will not see the first time around. Almost like a WHERE’S WALDO game.  If you pay attention and hit pause ….the “TORMENTER” is in a lot of the scenes…and no it’s not Laurie!  It’s a film that will stay with you after you watch it. Just like PSYCHO and JAWS.   You don’t get in the shower or swim in the ocean with out thinking about those 2 movies.  That’s basically all I can say right now.

What “true story” is this based off of and how did you find out about it?

I grew up in Hampton Roads Va. Back in 1984-85 there was a guy who was abducting women from the mall parking lot.

He would target women who worked late. He’d slash their tires and when they would walk back to the mall he would show up to help them and then abduct them.  I also heard about a woman who lived in my neighborhood that would never leave her house. She suffered from agoraphobia. The fear of open places that can cause panic attacks! I just merged those 2 events together. The #1 thing you have to create in horror movies is ISOLATION.

SWAT teams and helicopters aren’t scary!  That’s why the first line in the majority of horror movies from the past decade has been “Damn…no signal!” Cell phones changed things drastically that way! In the 80’s it was..”Damn the phone lines have been cut!”

Someone or something in our house is one of the most horrifying and realistic things that can and does happen. Now imagine you are even more scared of the one thing everyone else would do….. run out of the house. It’s that feeling of being trapped. I create that on screen …well….then I got you!  That’s my plan for this film.

Are there any films that you looked up to that helped you develop the ideas for this film?

As far as creepy factor goes….THE SHINING!  Stanley Kubrick did so much to creep people out on that film they don’t even realize it! He had the prop department paint the ADLER typewriter from white to a dark grey to show the progression of Jack’s insanity coming on.  You don’t even realize it but it’s there! The carpet pattern used in the hallway that Danny was riding his big wheel on makes you feel like your either coming or going. It creates a feeling of unease and no escape…subliminal as it is…it’s there for a reason. That entire hotel was recreated on a sound stage as well as the maze. Genius film making!

Gotta mention SCREAM as well….it drew from some of  the major horror films I just mentioned and created a whole new twist on the genre. That movie came at a time when horror movies were pretty much done!Killing Drew Barrymore at the 11 minute mark in that film let you know…all bets are off! This is gonna be different.  More recently  I would point to THE STRANGERS as well ……. and I know I’m am gonna get ripped for this…. but …. I love the look and feel of HOUSE OF THE DEVIL by Ti West! I grew up in the 80’s so it was a fun film as well as one I study on lighting. I literally have tons of screen shots of that movie in a folder on my desktop.