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Oh Thale, I had so much faith in you and you failed me.  From the second I peeped the trailer I had high expectations of this movie and thought it might be the breath of fresh air I needed from the repetitive slasher genre I have not been able to pull myself away from.  Sadly, I was disappointed because I set the bar high for this one and it didn’t meet my expectations…. solid 3 out of 5 stars. However, I would recommend this movie because I still LIKED it.  The movie had potential but I found that it didn’t deliver as much as I thought it would.  Obviously the storyline was extremely original, the acting was really amazing, visually I was very stimulated, but the story line still fell short because I felt like it lacked excitement and action.

The film starts out with Leo and Elvis performing their daily duties at their job.  They work for a cleaning crew that seems to specialize in crime scene cleanup.  Poor Elvis has quite the weak stomach and cannot stop vomiting at each gruesome scene he stumbles upon.  Because I’m a total sicko, I obviously liked these parts and was intrigued each time they showed what he was actually cleaning up.  The movie wasn’t overly gory, in fact barely gory at all, but what I did witness was still great.  The movie starts getting scary when they are called to clean up an old cabin in the woods.  Obviously when you mix the aspect of abandoned cabin and scary ass forest, you know shit is gonna go down.  What I loved, is it doesn’t go down the way you think it will.

As Elvis and Leo start picking up around the house, they discover a door that leads to an old and dusty cellar (typical).  The cellar is complete with the mysterious creepy, dusty, abandoned set-up that you would ordinarily see in a horror film, except this time there is a bathtub filled with water.  At first it seems unsuspecting until Thale pops out and scares the living shit out of everyone (including me).  At first they think she is just some chick that has been held captive in this basement for x amount of years and begin feeding her and clothing her.  Through a serious of recorded tapes they find in the basement, it is revealed that she is actually a mythical creature called a Huldra and she possesses magical powers including the ability to heal anything she touches and also the ability to transmit memories and thoughts to any human she touches.  Now this is the point in the movie where everything began to fall short.  Instead of there being a climax/ major conflict, you learn her background story which really isn’t all that interesting.  She gets captured by an old man when she is a little girl and he raises her and takes care of her, end of story.  After discovering that she is a creature and not a human being, I thought that shit was gonna go down and the story was gonna get crazy… I was wrong.  The rest of the story is kind of smooth sailing and there is not enough action to really satisfy.  The first half of the movie and the buildup was so amazing, that I couldn’t believe it just fell flat at the halfway point. Ya some cool violent bloody shit happens, but nothing that is really memorable.  I’ll admit, there are a few good scares and this movie is perfect to watch in the dark.

Thale is not the over-the-top movie you’ve been looking for.  It truly is completely average but the only reason I would recommend it is because it is so different than any other horror that has been released.  Nordic folklore is obviously not a subject most horror movies tend to touch upon and I loved the scary twist they put on an ancient tale.  I love learning about other countries, and there’s always something so captivating about folklore because these tales have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years.  This movie isn’t going to put you on your ass with its amazing-ness, but I would definitely recommend it because it was so indie and actually extremely beautifully made considering the low budget.  I wouldn’t put this high on the priority list of scary flicks to watch, but if you’re looking for something new and original with an actual good storyline, check it out! I’m not saying you WON’T regret it, but I surely hope you don’t its kind of a gem.


Has anybody seen this movie yet? I’m thinking about watching it soon, it looks interesting 🙂