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I did a little background research and have discovered that The Exorcist was the first movie of its kind, and for that it gets 4 out of 5 stars in my book. As a precursor for all the shitty exorcism movies that come out on a consistent basis, The Exorcist is basically the OG film and sets the bar for all other religious/ supernatural films.  Besides for Rosemary’s Baby, which also dabbles in Satanic children and religion, The Exorcist is completely original and is easily one of my favorite films because of the subject matter.  Poor little Regan, an innocent 12-year old girl, is possessed by a demonic force that not only makes her sexually explicit, but it always gives her almost acrobatic skills in that she is able to completely manipulate her joints.  I may have just made this sound like she turned into some type of pornstar nympho, but believe me, it is much worse than that.  Between fucking herself with a crucifix and vomiting on multiple priests, I would say this demonic force has made her as far from a pornstar nympho as possible.  Regan starts out with little outbursts here and there and eventually it turns physical.  Her appearance is warped and disturbing and she goes from adorable 12 year old to foul-mouthed Chuckie doll look-a-like.  Even though I totally love this movie for its originality, I can honestly say I didn’t feel like there were any plot twists or turns that made the movie truly interesting.

Basically the movie is just about a couple priest infiltrating the situation and performing an exorcism on this young girl.  The setting never really changes and the characters (besides for Regan and her mother) were not complex enough to make an impact on me or to really make them memorable in my head.  Obviously this sexually perverted demon that possesses Regan to utter obscenities, masturbate in front of priests, and even come on to them in the most explicit ways, gave major bonus points in my book. Remember, Regan is 12, just let that sink in. She even goes as far as to force her mother’s face down in her crotch while yelling at her to fuck her.  This disturbing-ness in the movie is definitely what put it high up there as a priority for any must-see movie lists.  The acting is perfectly done as well between Regan and her mother, Chris.  Regan nails possessed child and manages to put many disturbing and memorable images in your head, including a scene where she practically crab-walks down the staircase with blood spewing out of her mouth.  Chris shows the perfect amount of despair in trying to find a cure for her daughter and also the right amount of shock and horror as her daughter’s personality and appearance change into quite the disturbing view to look at.  I would have to recommend this film to everyone seeing as it is literally the original exorcism film and basically started the trend in religious horror movies which are still popular as ever today.  Considering all the advances in technology and changes within the horror genre, The Exorcist is very basic compared to what is out there now-a-days.  However, I truly believe you cannot consider yourself a real horror fan until you have not only seen this movie, but have found a special place for it in your heart.  Oh how 70’s horror flicks always fills me with nostalgia. Now go rewatch this film for the 100000th time, as I am assuming you have all seen it. If not, you should probably stop living under a rock and just peep this already.

For a mainstream Hollywood movie, I had to give Sinister a 3.5 out of 5 stars because it was a little above average.  Rather than the bloodbaths I’m used to watching alone in my room, I actually opted to go out in public and watch a horror movie that is deemed normal by the rest of society.  Seeing as I am a complete gore/horror freak, this didn’t really cut it for me, but I was still pleasantly surprised with how much I DIDN’T hate the movie.  Despite the lack of blood, rape, brutality, necrophilia, torture, and abduction that typically attracts me to the horror movie genre, I still found the movie interesting enough for me to stay in the theater and not attempt to fall asleep in my half-eaten bowl of popcorn.  The storyline has something to do with an ancient monster that possesses children to kill their families and then takes the children to the “other side” or wherever the hell child-possessing demons choose to reside.  Ethan Hawke plays a father and a writer/ investigator of unsolved crimes.  He moves near houses where mass murders were committed and explores them, trying to find answers to how people have disappeared and why the police have been unable to crack the case.  He cleverly decides its a good idea to move into a house where an entire family was murdered so he can further his investigation on this mystery.  Little does he know, he is fucking with the WRONG force.  He discovers a box of video tapes in the attic, each one more disturbing than the next.  The movie was pretty bleh, but the video tapes were totally badass. Can you begin to guess why I think they are badass? Well it goes a little something like this.  The “home videos” he finds are actually recordings of each of the families that this “boogie man” has decided to kill.  Basically whoever is holding this camera is filming the family being tortured and then eventually killed.  Pretty gnarly right? You got mom, dad, and the kids dying in the absolute most fucked up ways.  Considering this is a Hollywood blockbuster, it didn’t take it to the place that exploitation films do, but I still found it mildly entertaining.

Throughout the film, you’re wondering not only who is killing these families, but who is sick enough to film the dirty deed and keep the tapes around for anyone to discover.  The thought of an entire family being murdered on tape is beyond unsettling, which was pretty much why I stayed interested in the movie.  The director, Scott Derrickson, struck a new level of terror and twisted sickness in the audience with his ability to make a movie about a truly horrifying yet realistic occurrence.  Whole families get murdered all the time, and the fact that the Derrickson made Sinister about this, truly intrigued me.  I don’t want to spoil the movie for anyone reading this, even though I pretty much did already in my first 4 sentences of this review, but I love the element of wondering if it was a serial killer or a supernatural force offing these families.  Unless you decided to completely skip my first paragraph, no its not a serial killer.  This “boogie man” is actually quite terrifying and the image is definitely freaky and original enough to stay in your head.  As far as the acting and plot go, it was pretty damn good, but hey, thats Hollywood for you.  I wouldn’t recommend this film to horror fans that are as intense as me, but if you’re looking for a decent/ almost good mainstream film, I would say go for it.  Don’t expect it to scare the absolute living shit out of you, but it’s originality and suspense make it quite watchable and I left the theater not feeling like I got ripped off for once.

As much as I want to proclaim Grave Encounters as an excellent movie, I only gave it 4 out of 5 stars.  The film’s concept is original yet overplayed.  A camera crew investigates an abandoned insane asylum in order to find out if there really are ghosts and spirits that lurk and wander around at night.  The camera crew interviews various “randoms” in order to build a backstory and begin to spook the audience.  However, for the first 45 minutes, I was kind of bored during the film.  The actors are corny and pretty typical if you ask me.  Throughout the film, I even found myself not liking the characters at all.  Alas, at the half-way point, shit starts to get real.  The plot takes a major mind-fucking twist and the viewer is filled with both question and confusion as the plot gets weirder and everything gets creepier.  As the ghosts of former patients begin to appear and scare the living shit out of the camera crew (not to mention the audience), the movie really begins turning into a masterpiece.  The characters still continue to be annoying as ever, constantly yelling at each other and never shutting the fuck up when the audience just wants a couple moments of silence.  The originality of the ghosts and the scare factor is pretty amazing though.  The plot continues to thicken and takes many twists and turns that I definitely did not see coming.  What makes the movie even creepier is that everything is filmed on hand-held cameras and the characterization begins kicking into gear.  As the characters slowly begin to lose their sanity, I feel like they are finally bearable to watch and more realistic.  Towards the end of the movie, there are some pretty good scares.  In fact, I about shit myself each time one of those ghosts just popped out from nowhere.  The ending is definitely the icing on top of the cake.  Not only is it a mind-fuck, but it is a cliff-hanger.  The absolute twist at the end is what makes the viewer fall in love with this movie and realize, “Hey, I just sat through 45 minutes of useless crap, but the ending of this movie just made everything worth it. I’m gonna go ahead and recommend this to my friends”.  So yeah, I’m going to go ahead and recommend this one.  It is worth the watch and its good enough to watch more than once (which I find rare).