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You know that feeling when you waste an hour and a half of your life and you realize you may never get those precious 90 minutes back unless time travel promptly comes to your service? Yeah, that just happened to me.  The Thai film, Sick Nurses, was a complete waste of my time and I rightfully gave it 1 star out of 5.  The plot goes something like this: A seemingly humungous hospital with a questionable staff of only 1 doctor and 7 nurses is where the majority of the plot takes place.  The nurses use dead bodies to profit financially and the rest of the story is a smorgasbord of inconsistencies and blood.  If it wasn’t for 90 pound Asian chicks that make me question my heterosexuality, I would have just turned it off.  I guess you could say some of the acting and scenes were typical of what you would see in Asian horror films; meaning some of the shit that went down was just batshit crazy.  If I could make sense of the movie I would, but from what little I was able to understand about the film, it was mainly about hot Asian chicks and blood.  The screen production of the movie was obviously very-low budget, but that was the least of my worries as I numbly sat through this horrifically boring film.  Some of the blood and gore was cool, meaning there was both a vomit and a birthing scene, and the use of paranormal forces and ghosts in the movie made it bearable for me to watch in the background as I sat on my ass and blogged.  Ultimately the movie had no plot, no characters of substance, no real meaning, and finally no recommendation from me. Skip it!