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p9257928_b_v7_aiI was beginning to get a little bored with all the movie reviews, so I decided to change it up and do a TV show review instead.  Instead of critiquing each season of my newly found favorite show, I thought I would just lump it up into one big review for you to digest so you can decide if this show is right for you or not.  I’m not that much of a horror TV show fan because I have rarely found any out there that have really piqued my interest. The Walking Dead? I was so bored I don’t think I even made it to the second season. American Horror Story? 2 seasons contained enough butchering and everything after that has just managed to butcher itself. Bates Motel? 1 episode and I was convinced the show just wasn’t for me.  The only horror TV that had me addicted from the start was Dexter, and we all saw how that one ended. 6 seasons of bliss and 2 seasons of just dragging me along through the commitment that I had already made.  Regardless, Dexter is still my favorite horror TV show out there.  Recently though, The Following, starring Kevin Bacon, made it onto my radar, and before I knew it, I had started and finished 3 seasons.  Coming from Fox, I had low expectations of how this show would be, but boy was I wrong. Where to even begin with this show…….??? So good I would compare it to Dexter.  The basis of the series is that Keven Bacon plays Ryan Hardy, a detective (or FBI, whatever you prefer to call it) that has been hunting a serial killer, Joe Carroll (James Purefoy).  Carroll, even from behind bars, has managed to put together a cult of serial killers that just continue to grow and grow.  They randomly choose victims and there seems to be drama and crazy situations at the end of each episode, which is obviously what lead me to finish 3 seasons of this in just about a couple weeks. Overall, this is the most badass series I’ve seen since Dexter.  Deaths in every episode, blood in every scene, everything completely shrouded in mystery that just keeps you coming back like a crack pipe; this show is everything for a horror movie fiend.  Now, if you’re expecting any true horror or scares……. don’t; because that is definitely not happening.  Instead, what is happening is completely unpredictable, mysterious, un-stereotypical characters and scenarios that truly take you on a wild and addicting ride.  Kevin Williamson, the creator, adds so many interesting and unusual characters and scenarios that I just couldn’t help but be impressed with the originality and complexity of everything which obviously led to my addiction to the show.  I will admit, season 3 gets a little corny with all the characters just acting like typical FBI agents and not taking as many twists and turns as I would like, but overall, all the seasons are incredible.  I really felt sucked into the show from start to finish in each episode, which I find to be extremely rare nowadays. I wouldn’t classify this show as gory, or scary, or perverse, or twisted even; but its a damn good show with lots of great twists and turns.  I guess I don’t know if I can even classify it as horror, but it definitely puts an awesome spin on the whole psychological thriller/ serial killer genre.  I would recommend everyone check this show out, great thriller / borderline horror. If you’ve already seen this show, what do you think about the ending? Answer in the comments, would love to hear your guys’ thoughts.



Maybe something has been in my drinking water lately.  Maybe I am just generally in a better mood than I usually am when watching horror films.  Maybe my prayers for decent, watchable horror movies have finally been answered and slowly but surely, quality horror is making its way on to the big screen.  Either way, I was stunned that I enjoyed The Town That Dreaded Sundown as much as I did and can’t wait to tell you why you will most likely enjoy it as well.  First of all, 4/5 stars, would highly recommend NOT missing this film.  Second of all, bloody and gory sex and violence.  As much as I despise the whole “sex sells” concept, especially when half of a horror film is based around corny sex scenes rather than an actual plot, this movie came up with some creative scenes that definitely delivered a happy ending.  I have to admit, some of the scenes were a little explicit, more than that corny shit you’re used to seeing in horror. I’ll leave it at that.  However, they made for some deliciously twisted kill scenes.  The story itself was decent enough, not too much of a mindfuck.  High school girl survives brutal attack while hooking up with boyfriend in middle of woods.  Small town in the Midwest full of hicks and bible thumpers use hilariously religious cliches to stop pre-marital sex.  Everyone gets laid and then dies in brutal and original kill scenes at the hands of our masked serial killer.  Said high school girl attempts research on the history of infamous boogeyman/ serial killer. Twists and turns occur and we found out who was unexpectedly the killer this whole time.  Like I said, decent yet standard plot.  However, I loved the way it was executed and that it truly was an entertaining and somewhat intelligent scare.  Usually in horror films, I feel like I am trapped watching mildly educated characters get picked off one by one by the serial killer.  Basically, I feel like most serial killer films are just a countdown of stupid characters dying in creative ways until the only remaining character, the one with the intelligence of all the other characters combined, unmasks the killer and defeats him.  Not saying that this movie was any different, but at least I didn’t hate every single character in the movie solely based off of their stupidity.  Each of the characters put up a good fight in their murder scenes and didn’t have that corny bullshit personality that most horror movie characters have.  The kill scenes were surprisingly brutal, I even had to look away a few times because of the blood and absolute heartlessness of the killer.  I would be lying if I said that the ending had some crazy surprise twist to it.  Nothing about the movie was really that much of a thought-stealer or anything you would think about once the movie was over.  I do have to say though, that the movie was very entertaining and fun to watch.  It keeps your attention the whole time and for once, I feel like I don’t have to put up with any corny bullshit.  Actually I lied, the religious cliches are still there, but only contributed to the hilarity and the religious undertones in the film.  I wasn’t necessarily sold on this film right from the beginning,but by the end I was completely satisfied; enough that I wrote this great review and am now encouraging you to watch as well.  As usual, “share your scare” in the comments and let me know what you think of the film!