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Dream Home has to be one of the most vomit-inducing nightmare-wielding masterpieces I have ever seen.  I definitely gave this movie 5 out of 5 stars.  Director Pang Ho-cheung uses his creativity to enthrall the viewer in the film’s huge gross-out factor.  The gore and brutality of this film is almost out of this world.  Cheng Lai-sheung has saved up money her entire life for her dream home in Hong Kong.  As she finally gets ready to buy it, the sellers decide to take it off the market and basically she goes apeshit.  She goes on a murderous rampage and pretty much brutalizes and kills the shit out of anyone she feels like.  This isn’t just your average slasher film, or like any slasher film for that matter.  The killings in this movie are inhumane and almost hard to watch.  The human mind is an interesting place; especially Ho-cheung’s mind.

Aside from the gore, this movie did more for me to give it 5 out of 5 stars.  The plot was extremely original and there were a variety of characters and personalities that added to the storyline and made it unique.  I found that all the characters were bearable, which is unusual for me considering I hate just about everybody.  Everyone was complex and had backstories that added to the plot.  The story moved along nicely and there were many strange and original twists and turns.  I can’t help but proclaim the originality of the film.  The summary makes it sound a bit strange, but actually watching it is a whole lot stranger.  The fact that Cheng is killing random people she has never even met is almost forgotten because the killings are just so brutal and intense that they seem personal.  Each murder is unique, creative, disgusting, innovative, and of course, filled with blood.  Just watching the movie makes you question the director and what the fuck was going through his head when he decided to put all this sick shit on film.  The acting is superb and ultimately the storyline is good enough to keep the viewer engaged.  This is definitely a slasher film you need to see!