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Do you ever feel like you just can’t seem to have enough blood and gore in your films?  Do you often find that you are NOT spending the majority of your horror movie watching time cringing and looking away? Fear no more horror fiends and friends alike.  I have compiled a list of absolute NASTIES.  I myself, found I had to look away more times then I would like to admit with these movies.


Where to begin with this movie? Just overall FUCKED. Such a disturbing, psychotic, extreme movie. Lots of blood and merciless brutality on the end of the serial killer.  This one definitely hits you from all angles; messes with your mind, pulls at your heartstrings, puts a pit in your stomach, is disgusting to watch, and even grosser to think about.  Lots of scenes really made my heart beat fast with just how shockingly gross they were.  I would recommend skipping the first 5-7 minutes of the film.  Its seriously just unpleasant nastiness and seems to take away from the film rather than add to it. Please be warned though, this movie does contain some (fake) animal gore.

Cannibal Holocaust

cannibal holocaust

You’ve got to give this film credit, it was WAY ahead of its time in the horror movie world.  The idea of your plane crashing into the remote part of a jungle with only a cannibalistic tribe as “companions” is terrifying. Fast forward, and there you are deep in the jungles of South America being hunted and captured in order to be fed to this savage tribe.  The movie looks so real, which is what is the most disturbing. The acting is good and the effects are extremely practical, making it pretty believable.   Again, this film also contains animal gore (apparently real), you’ve been warned!

Dead Alive (AKA Braindead)

dead alive

This film is a great laugh and not to be taken seriously.  However, that doesn’t take away from just how bloody disgusting it is! This film is as funny as it is gross.  The story line is great and the creative ways in which the characters are murdered and dismembered are just hilarious.  Great mix of humor, guts, and horror.

Human Centipede 2

human centipede

Just thinking about this film gives me a bad taste in my mouth.  What a pile of garbage.  At the same time though, if you want to challenge yourself and push your limits of what you think is grotesque, give this one a try.  Such a gross out film, that seemed to be its main purpose.  If you can watch this entire movie without looking away once, congratulations, you have officially “out-gored” me.



Rather than go into detail with what this film is about, I figure I’d just have you do the research yourself.  It saves me from one AWKWARD movie review. I will say this though, this has to be one of the most extreme horrors I have ever seen, not for the weak of heart or stomach. Cannibalism is present, which is actually the least offensive thing I found about this movie. Once the pornographic scenes started, things got weird. To say the least. I found myself closing my eyes, plugging my ears, and wishing I was in a different place for about 70% of that film.  That’s a new record, folks. Lots of blood, among other things to see here.



Maybe something has been in my drinking water lately.  Maybe I am just generally in a better mood than I usually am when watching horror films.  Maybe my prayers for decent, watchable horror movies have finally been answered and slowly but surely, quality horror is making its way on to the big screen.  Either way, I was stunned that I enjoyed The Town That Dreaded Sundown as much as I did and can’t wait to tell you why you will most likely enjoy it as well.  First of all, 4/5 stars, would highly recommend NOT missing this film.  Second of all, bloody and gory sex and violence.  As much as I despise the whole “sex sells” concept, especially when half of a horror film is based around corny sex scenes rather than an actual plot, this movie came up with some creative scenes that definitely delivered a happy ending.  I have to admit, some of the scenes were a little explicit, more than that corny shit you’re used to seeing in horror. I’ll leave it at that.  However, they made for some deliciously twisted kill scenes.  The story itself was decent enough, not too much of a mindfuck.  High school girl survives brutal attack while hooking up with boyfriend in middle of woods.  Small town in the Midwest full of hicks and bible thumpers use hilariously religious cliches to stop pre-marital sex.  Everyone gets laid and then dies in brutal and original kill scenes at the hands of our masked serial killer.  Said high school girl attempts research on the history of infamous boogeyman/ serial killer. Twists and turns occur and we found out who was unexpectedly the killer this whole time.  Like I said, decent yet standard plot.  However, I loved the way it was executed and that it truly was an entertaining and somewhat intelligent scare.  Usually in horror films, I feel like I am trapped watching mildly educated characters get picked off one by one by the serial killer.  Basically, I feel like most serial killer films are just a countdown of stupid characters dying in creative ways until the only remaining character, the one with the intelligence of all the other characters combined, unmasks the killer and defeats him.  Not saying that this movie was any different, but at least I didn’t hate every single character in the movie solely based off of their stupidity.  Each of the characters put up a good fight in their murder scenes and didn’t have that corny bullshit personality that most horror movie characters have.  The kill scenes were surprisingly brutal, I even had to look away a few times because of the blood and absolute heartlessness of the killer.  I would be lying if I said that the ending had some crazy surprise twist to it.  Nothing about the movie was really that much of a thought-stealer or anything you would think about once the movie was over.  I do have to say though, that the movie was very entertaining and fun to watch.  It keeps your attention the whole time and for once, I feel like I don’t have to put up with any corny bullshit.  Actually I lied, the religious cliches are still there, but only contributed to the hilarity and the religious undertones in the film.  I wasn’t necessarily sold on this film right from the beginning,but by the end I was completely satisfied; enough that I wrote this great review and am now encouraging you to watch as well.  As usual, “share your scare” in the comments and let me know what you think of the film!


So the award for the most promising trailer, yet most disappointing movie goes to: American Mary.  When I first saw the trailer, I thought to myself “OMG, this movie is going to revolutionize horror!”.  A movie that stars a female lead that goes insane while performing surgeries under the table??? Count me in! On top of that, part of the movie takes place in a strip club, which leaves you with that uncomfortable feeling of perversion when thinking about the pain the main character, Mary, inflicts upon others whilst wearing little to no clothes.  This movie sounds amazing doesn’t it? And to add insult to injury, Mary specializes in body modification surgery that only the sickest of minds can think of.  Re-reading the plot I just wrote, it almost seems a shame that this movie wasn’t any better.  The plot is killer, but on film, it just wasn’t executed correctly.

Everything that looked so promising in the trailer, really just fell short in the movie.  I was expecting to see some shocking and perverted gore, but instead, there was really no chance to see the different surgeries Mary performed.  Although the ideas were definitely creepy, it wasn’t as gross and shocking as I was expecting it to be.  I think the reason the movie felt short in my book was because of the intensity of the trailer versus the complete monotony of the film.  I’m guessing if I hadn’t peeped the trailer first, I would have liked the movie a lot more.  Anyways, to continue with my dislikes in the movie, the plot was a little too uncomplicated and lacked any twists and turns that would really wow the crowd.  You never see any real psychotic breaks from any of the characters, and you never get to experience a truly “evil” Mary.  She does make the leap from performing surgery to killing, but it lacked brutality and emotion.  She makes the leap so fast and performs as a killer for such a short amount of time, that I feel like I can contribute the movie’s downfall to this factor.  You don’t get to see the vision of the truly evil woman you wanted (think Charlotte Gainsbourg in “Antichrist”).  Mary only shows the tip of the iceberg of a female serial killer before the movie ends.  *Exhales* Now that, was a lot of trash talk.  I would also like to touch upon the redeeming qualities of this movie because I still think this is a movie all of you should see.

The movie is extremely original, obviously, and definitely tells a story you have never heard before.  It was a very indie, underground film that went where horror has not gone before, and for that, I respect this movie and recommend it.  Like I said earlier, the story is gold, I just felt like it wasn’t executed properly because I thought it would be a lot more dramatic and intense than it actually was (I blame the trailer).  I definitely think its a must-see for all horror fans.  Nothing is too brutal or disturbing to make you turn off the flick (which I was kind of hoping for) and its a fast easy watch.  I’m warning you though, once you get to the ending, you are going to want so much more that the movie wasn’t able to give you.  I may not have spoken too highly of this film, but I still gotta give it at least an average rating; how does 3 out of 5 stars sound? I know it doesn’t sound too great on paper, but the movie is worth the watch even though I wouldn’t classify it as “best film ever”.  Its definitely worth checking out, and hey, even if you don’t like it, at least it isn’t a waste of time like all the other 1 and 2 star films I’ve had to sit through.


The newest release in the TCM series seemed like the perfect occasion for me to drink my ass off with my friends while sporting some 3D glasses.  With that being said, that was exactly what I did.  Being the classy bitch I am, I nursed my paperbag-clad bottle of wine for the duration of the movie to ensure the absolute best movie-going experience, and here’s how it went down:

Overall, I would give the movie 2.5 out of 5 stars.  Seriously, not really that great of a plot, not many twists and turns, and too little screen time for all the characters except for the main character.  If you like seeing horror movies on the big screen, then yes I would recommend this.  If you are a huge TCM fan just like me, I would also recommend this.  If you are legitimately looking for a scary movie with a good plot, I would probably tell you to go look somewhere else because this is NOT your film.  The movie starts out with clips from the original TCM, which I found unnecessary.  Personally, I don’t like when remakes bring clips from the original films because I feel like it tarnishes and often contradicts the original storyline.  Anyways, that happened and the story ceased to make any sense from the get-go.  As usual with remakes containing footage from the originals, the plot changed and somehow Leatherface started the film with a huge family that was gunned down, with only him and his baby cousin surviving.  Fast forward 18 years, or however many years the main character, Heather, is supposed to be and her biological grandmother dies, leaving her an astonishingly beautiful estate.  Yes, there were a few differences between this and the original, but when 5 young adults take a van out to the middle of nowhere for a “vacation”, you know they’re all going to be hacked up into little pieces except for the main character.  So, with that being said, there’s really not much more to say about this film.  Its not like this is a new concept or anything, everything that was done on screen has been done a million times before and definitely done better.  I love myself a good 3d film, but unfortunately this one was lacking in effects and didn’t make the extra money spent on 3d vision worth it.  The gore was mildly cool, but nothing that you haven’t seen before.  The main character, Heather, was so typical, it killed me.  For once could they please make a character of substance? I guess not…. As for the other characters, the killings were way too simple and there was no game of cat and mouse between Leatherface and his victims, which I found made the movie pretty boring.  All the characters died pretty early on with little to no struggle, which is what made me rate the movie so low.  Heather was the only character constantly on screen, and even she wasn’t that interesting.

The story did take an interesting twist though and showed Leatherface as a different character than he was portrayed originally, but this didn’t really make the plot that much more “amazing”.  Thinking back on it, it was kind of dumb but it did have some good scares in there that got me going.  In my drunken stupor, yes I was that asshole in the theater jumping out of my seat screaming.  I’m not sure if the circumstances would have changed if I wasn’t under the influence of alcohol, but it sure did make my movie-viewing experience more enjoyable.  Overall, I would say you can definitely skip this movie and just never look back.  But if you are like me and you just have to see every scary movie that comes out on the big screen, then go ahead and bite the bullet, however, you have been warned about the content of this movie.

halloween 6

Why do I do these things? Just….. why? If you haven’t figured out the basic plot for the 6th installment of Halloween it goes a little something like this: Michael Myers is inevitably pissed off at a group of people that he is somehow connected to in the town of Haddonfield and decides the obvious answer is to chase them all down until he kills them. So……. basically the same plot as the previous 5 Halloween’s.  The story made less sense than the other sequels, and of course was equally dumb.  I gave the movie 1.5 out of 5 stars, and thats me being easy on the film.  As far as the plot goes, it really doesn’t make sense, and in a way, butchers the first film, seeing as it adds bits and pieces to the original story that just make it seem too corny and dumb for my liking.  On top of that, the acting was beyond horrific and almost hard to watch at some points.  If anything, that was the scariest part of the movie for me.  I wish I could at least give you a few more details about the plot, but to be honest I can’t make enough sense of it to begin explaining it to someone.  For all the above elements, I SHOULD have given the movie a 0.  The only redeeming quality the movie had was the gore.  Its not like it was a low budget film or anything, everything looked realistic and somehow Michael Myers still found new and innovative ways to kill his victims, even after 5 sequels.  Those parts were cool, but its not worth watching the movie.  Even as a Halloween fan I wouldn’t recommend this one.  There’s way better sequels to this movie out there, don’t waste your time on this garbage.

the collection

The Collection is the gory bloodbath I feel I have been waiting years to see.  For once, I am beyond impressed with an American box office hit, and I am proclaiming it 5 out of 5 stars.  Now, drop what you’re doing and go catch this film.  Just kidding… Under no circumstances do you ever stop reading one of Gorror’s articles midway, never.  Now sit back down and let me get you all riled up about why this movie is just so goddam great.  I’m not sure how many of you choose gore over a decent plot, but for this movie, I did.  The plot is a bit uneventful and only takes place in one location primarily: the “collector’s” rigged and booby-trapped haven.  There were so many elements to this film, I don’t even know where to begin.  I’m not sure whether I should start with the piles of bloodied limbs skewed around the house or the zombified humans that once were, but I think I’m going to go ahead and begin with the rave that ended in a “final destination” type bloodbath with only 2 survivors and nearly 200 dead.  The main character, Elena is kidnapped by “the collector” and taken back to his humble abode, complete with zombies, half-dissected but still alive carcasses, completely dissected but still twitching carcasses, and of course flesh-eating dogs and terrifying creepy-crawlies (aka bugs).  If you think this movie sounds over-the-top and probably can’t get more ridiculous, I think you’re right.  Almost every single horror movie element imaginable is present in this movie.

As much as the plot didn’t really make that much sense, and the dialogue had little to no impact, this movie was a wild ride and basically took you on all types of twists and turns, even some loop-de-loops.  With each thing that happened I couldn’t help but be impressed by the over-the-top gore and action.  “The collector” (whose name you never really find out) is some type of mad scientist with sociopathic, artistic, and sadistic tendencies.  Not only does he torture his victims while slowly killing them, he then uses their body parts to construct grotesque artwork that adorns the abandoned hotel that he chooses to live out of.  On top of that, the whole place is rigged and full of blades, spikes, bombs, and wire.  Does this seem like too much? Maybe, but I’m going to go ahead and say NO.  Like I said earlier, there are so many elements to the film, almost too much, but luckily for someone like me, this was basically the bloodbath of my dreams.  I even cringed a few times, it was that bad.  Gorror fans, I instruct all of you to get up out of your seats and find the next available showing, you will not regret it.

Dream Home has to be one of the most vomit-inducing nightmare-wielding masterpieces I have ever seen.  I definitely gave this movie 5 out of 5 stars.  Director Pang Ho-cheung uses his creativity to enthrall the viewer in the film’s huge gross-out factor.  The gore and brutality of this film is almost out of this world.  Cheng Lai-sheung has saved up money her entire life for her dream home in Hong Kong.  As she finally gets ready to buy it, the sellers decide to take it off the market and basically she goes apeshit.  She goes on a murderous rampage and pretty much brutalizes and kills the shit out of anyone she feels like.  This isn’t just your average slasher film, or like any slasher film for that matter.  The killings in this movie are inhumane and almost hard to watch.  The human mind is an interesting place; especially Ho-cheung’s mind.

Aside from the gore, this movie did more for me to give it 5 out of 5 stars.  The plot was extremely original and there were a variety of characters and personalities that added to the storyline and made it unique.  I found that all the characters were bearable, which is unusual for me considering I hate just about everybody.  Everyone was complex and had backstories that added to the plot.  The story moved along nicely and there were many strange and original twists and turns.  I can’t help but proclaim the originality of the film.  The summary makes it sound a bit strange, but actually watching it is a whole lot stranger.  The fact that Cheng is killing random people she has never even met is almost forgotten because the killings are just so brutal and intense that they seem personal.  Each murder is unique, creative, disgusting, innovative, and of course, filled with blood.  Just watching the movie makes you question the director and what the fuck was going through his head when he decided to put all this sick shit on film.  The acting is superb and ultimately the storyline is good enough to keep the viewer engaged.  This is definitely a slasher film you need to see!