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Trust by far is one of the most disturbing movies I’ve seen in a long time merely because of the fact that it completely fucked with my head and draws a very thin line between sexual morality and sexual perversion.  The story revolves around 14-year old Annie and her awkwardness transitioning into high school.  She goes online and starts talking to a boy she really likes.  He reveals that he’s 16 and the relationship turns into a crush, on her end.  Things get sexual and he reveals to her that he’s actually 20 years old.  Weirded out, Annie still continues talking to him until he reveals that he is 25.  If you haven’t figured it out already, yes this movie is about an online predator (older white male obviously) he seeks out girls between the ages of 12 and 14.  Pedophilia is already a touchy subject, and director David Schwimmer does his job and gets right up there in order to really make the audience feel uncomfortable and question their sexual morality.  The story goes that Annie falls in love with her predator, Charlie, loses her virginity to him, and is so caught up in her feelings for him that she doesn’t realize that he is a pedophile preying on her.  She is so emotionally attached to him and the way he manipulated her, that she doesn’t even understand she was sexually abused until later on in the story when she finds out there have been many other girls before her.  This is only the tip of the iceberg.

The story becomes even more sexually confusing and disturbing when the audience see’s how Annie’s father, Will, gets involved.  As a head honcho for a major clothing brand, he is used to seeing young models wearing skimpy to no clothing in order to advertise for him.  This is the point where the movie becomes almost perverse.  Will is haunted by the images of his 14-year old daughter and her 35-year old lover and begins not only picturing them having sex, but he sees his daughter’s face on every scantily-clad model he comes in contact with or sees in his brand’s advertisements.  In his mind, he pictures her getting raped and begging for help.  Only until he begins investigating the case himself does the story get even more disturbing.  In his mind, he thinks that his 14-year old daughter was completely innocent, with no such sexual urges and almost too pure to ever willingly perform any sexual acts.  He finds out from reading her correspondence between her and Charlie that she was indeed very overly-sexual and he flips out over the fact that he had no idea his daughter wasn’t as innocent as he thought.  From this point on, things begin to get weird (even if you didn’t think this movie COULD get any more uncomfortable).  He starts picturing her sexually and from then on the movie is a little hard to watch.

Between Will, who thinks his daughter has the innocence of a 2-year old, and Annie, who doesn’t understand pedophilia and insists she’s madly in love with Charlie, the movie is uncomfortable because it is so realistic of what happens within our society today.  An average American family who seems to have it all together is absolutely torn apart by their daughter’s sexual abuse and the 2 main characters’ inabilities to cope with it. Obviously this movie isn’t horror, but it’s very perverse and stunningly realistic.  If you’re into that uncomfortable type of film that makes you cringe, I would say watch it.  Otherwise, you probably aren’t man enough to handle this film.  I gave it 4 out of 5 stars, it was really pretty good.  The acting is impeccable on Annie’s part and thats what I think made the film so watchable.  For someone so young, she had what it took to make a hell of a statement as an actress and star in a very hard role.  If you are looking for a depressing drama, this is your film.


As a foreign movie enthusiast, I was mildly excited to begin watching the Canadian gut-wrenching thrilller, “Seven Days”.  Before watching the movie, I knew the basic story line.  Seven year old girl is raped and murdered 7 days before her birthday and dad, who is a doctor, exacts revenge on the pedophile who tore apart his family.  I had an inkling this movie would be the ultimate revenge, emotion-evoking flick to push the envelope.  Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed with both the character and plot development.  For someone who has seen every type of shock gore torture-porn imaginable, this movie was quite mild compared to previous films I have sat through.

Although I would not necessarily classify this film as a “horror” it borders the lines of morality and complex human emotions, showing the horrifying side of justice and grief.  The gore is not over-the-top and unimaginable, it is realistic and does not sit well with those who have weak stomachs.  However, what made this movie so captivating, in my opinion, is the touchy subject of sexual assault on children and how it affects the families of those victims.  Children getting kidnapped, tortured, and raped is an everyday occurrence in civilizations all over the world.  The accused pedophiles are often captured and thrown in jail for life if society is lucky, or free to wander the streets as a registered sex offender after serving their sentence.

In “Seven Days”, no amount of jail time will please Jasmine’s father Dr. Hamel, and as a someone affected by his daughter’s sexual assault, he takes matters into his own hands.  This movie is of its own kind.  A father exacts revenge and brutally tortures the man that has violated and killed his only child.  Although other citizens in the community commend him for what he is doing, law enforcement makes his whereabouts a priority and hunt him down in order to arrest him for his crimes.  This film is the ultimate moral dilemma and makes the viewer question if they think Dr. Hamel is in the right or in the wrong.  Personally I have never taken revenge on someone and sometimes I feel like I couldn’t even hurt a fly.  A seemingly normal man is driven to psychopathic behaviors as a result of an extremely traumatic, life-altering event.  Do you feel bad as you watch the pedophile get tortured? Do you feel a sense of relief and justice that this person is barely getting what he deserves for his sick and twisted actions?  Pedophiles are amongst those most hated in society, if not the most hated.  Dr. Hamel is doing what many parents who have experienced the same trauma only wish they could do.

The movie is very riveting and can be a very emotional watch.  The grief of the characters is a lot to bear and can even be harder to watch than the actual torture scenes.  I decided to give this movie 3.5 out of 5 stars.  I loved the originality and the controversial subject of the movie.  Another favorite part is when they show the body of young Jasmine after she is discovered raped and dead in the woods.  No image like this would ever fly in an American movie.  Raped and killed adults, yes; raped and killed children, no.  As much as I wanted to see more gore and mind-fucking revenge against the killer, the amount that was shown in the movie was more realistic than a complete bloodfest, which made the plot seem that much more real.  My only major complaint is the development of the characters.  The main detective in the film (Mercure), who has suffered the loss of his wife due to a burglar, seems incredibly noncomplex, which really bugged me.  He is neutral to the actions of Dr. Hamel even though he identifies with him and his grief/ loss.  The killer is unconscious for too much of the torture scenes and doesn’t make the emotional impact on the audience that I hoped he would.  Although he pleads for his life and safety, it is minimal.  If he had more dialogue in his scenes, I feel he could have really brought up emotions in the audience, whether it be that of confusion, pity, or justice.  The father gives a good performance in his grieving process and I felt as if I connected with his character more than the others.  However, the audience didn’t have enough time to see him before the murder of his daughter and there is no way to grasp what kind of drastic changes in his personality he went through when he decided to torture his daughter’s killer.  If there would have been more of a background story on these 3 characters I feel like the movie would have been a bit more interesting.  Unless you already have a huge obsession with foreign films, I wouldn’t really recommend this one because the characters were too bland for my liking.